Frazier History Museum

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829 W. Main St.
Louisville KY 40202
The Frazier History Museum is where the world meets Kentucky. It is a home for everything that people in Kentucky are most proud of, bringing history to life for visitors through exhibits, artifacts and live performances every day. The Frazier is proud to present multiple live performances every day by our talented staff of costumed actors known as “teaching artists”. The experience brings visitors face to face with some of the people and events that changed the world!

In the Frazier collection visitors will learn about some really cool artifacts. From the Geronimo's bow and arrows, to the original “Big Stick” of President Theodore Roosevelt, every artifact is displayed with a thought-provoking story. Visitors learn more about the surrender of the great Apache leader Geronimo as they look at his bow and arrows. Temporary exhibits are always in flux at The Frazier, and highlight aspect of Kentucky's history at home and abroad.

The Frazier History Museum in partnership with the Kentucky Distillers' Association® is proud to announce the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center & Spirit of Kentucky Exhibit in 2018. Located on the first floor of the Frazier and set to open in August 2018, the Welcome Center will serve as the Official Starting Point of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®. Located within the Welcome Center will be a professional and friendly concierge service that will help thousands of visitors plan their trips to Bourbon distilleries throughout the state, as well as how to navigate Louisville’s burgeoning Bourbon, culinary and nightlife scene. The Spirit of Kentucky Exhibition will be a visual guide to the history, craft and culture of the Bourbon industry, sharing stories of the people, places and events that have made Bourbon the signature product of Kentucky and America’s only true native spirit.

A new modern entrance, and linear outdoor park located on the east side of the building features a glass cube vestibule, a public rooftop garden populated with native Kentucky species, and vegetated trellis walls. The park, which offers ample seating and rear access via stairs from Washington Street, is open to the public during museum hours.