An LGBTQ+ Guide to Kentucky’s Horse Farms & Attractions

For a unique and romantic date, look no further than the Bluegrass State!

Kentucky is best known for three things: horses, bourbon and bluegrass – the music, that is. Less known is the state’s opportunities for LGBTQ+ inclusive date ideas, so we’re here to set the record … not so straight. Kentucky's horse farms create the perfect romantic atmosphere for LBGTQ+ couples, so give your significant other an experience to remember on a horse farm tour in Kentucky.

Male couple petting horse in field

Not only do these beautiful countryside horse farms provide a pastoral backdrop for relaxation, they’re also surprisingly educational. You and your partner can learn everything you need to know about breeding, raising and caring for thoroughbreds and other horses.

And who knows? Maybe this knowledge will come in handy if you find yourself placing a bet at the Kentucky Derby!
Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite horse farms and tours, but we recommend all couples do their own research to find a farm that best appeals to you.

Horse Farm Activities

Kentucky is a beautiful state. It’s also a unique place that can add romance to any visit. If there’s one thing Kentucky has plenty of, it’s horses. In fact, it’s said there are more registered horses than people living in the entire state. That means there are plenty of opportunities for couples looking to get away from the hustle and bustle – or perhaps just enjoy a relaxing day out together while getting closer to nature.

There are more than 500 horse farms in the Bluegrass State, most of which offer tours and activities – and no two farms are the same. Some are more focused on recreational riding, while others are dedicated to breeding and training horses for racing or show.

If you and your love are more into crafting than horse-wrangling, there are plenty of nearby shops and attractions where you can create pottery or jewelry while sipping on local craft beer or tea as you admire the scenery. And if that sounds like too much work, just relax by wandering through this one-of-a-kind setting, hand in hand.

Horse Riding Farms

Lady riding horse on horse trail in Western Kentucky

There are few things quite like horseback riding. It’s an opportunity for people to connect with these magnificent animals and explore nature in a way that’s unparalleled to any motor vehicle. Stables throughout Kentucky offer opportunities for horseback riding at a variety of levels. You can ride one of the stable horses or bring your own. For horseback-riding enthusiasts, there are plenty of options where you can go on a trail ride, camp with your horse or participate in an equine-assisted therapy program.

Farms to Visit: Cable's Riding Stables, Whisper Valley Riding Trails, Cumberland Falls Horse Riding Stables, H&M Stables

Educational Horse Farms 

hetero couple and male couple on tour of Claiborne farm

You may not know much about horses before visiting a horse farm, but you’ll certainly learn something by the time you leave. Whether it’s learning about breeding practices or how much work goes into caring for these majestic creatures, there is always something new to discover.

Horse farm tours are a great way to learn more about thoroughbreds and the horse industry in Kentucky. Horse racing is almost as old as America itself, and its history in Kentucky is an integral part of the state’s culture. There are several different breeds of thoroughbreds that you can see at the different types of horse farms in the state.

Farms to Visit: American Saddlebred Horse Farm Tours, Claiborne Farm, Old Friends, The Thoroughbred Center, Horse Country Farm Tours

Derby Day at Churchill Downs

early morning workout at Churchill Downs

Iconic Churchill Downs is right near the heart of Louisville and site of the famous Kentucky Derby race help each year in early May. You can watch the races from any number of seating areas within its expansive property or take advantage of many dining options on-site with more than 60 food vendors! Before or after the big race, enjoy the city’s live music, entertainment, cultural attractions, historic museums and more.
Horse farm tours and attractions are perfect for LGBTQ+ couples looking for an unforgettable experience in the Bluegrass State – in a place you can’t find anywhere else.

Written by Meg Ten Eyck Meg Ten Eyck
July 7, 2022