Frankfort/Franklin County Tourist & Convention Commission

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300 St. Clair St., Suite 102
Frankfort KY 40601


Frankfort Kentucky embodies the essence of everything that makes Kentucky special, from her natural charm and beauty to her world-renowned bourbon, all in one distinctly small and spirited package. You could say that Frankfort is Kentucky Distilled. Frankfort is the best of Kentucky, the heart of Kentucky, the soul of Kentucky. Frankfort is capitol halls and bourbon balls, rolling hills and rushing rivers, southern hospitality and global connections. Frankfort is big decisions and small-town charm, callused hands and cutting-edge technology, historic buildings and civic sophistication. Frankfort is beauty, big ideas and bourbon. Frankfort is . . . Kentucky distilled.

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General Information
  • Guided Tours
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Pets Accepted