5 Must-Taste Foods

in the Caves, Lakes & Corvettes Region

A tablescape of traditional foods of Kentucky's Caves, Lakes & Corvettes region

Many of the culinary offerings in the Caves, Lakes & Corvette region of southern-central Kentucky are locally produced by farmers. That’s not only good for the locals, but for visitors who come to see attractions like Mammoth Cave National Park, the National Corvette Museum and lakes such as Barren River Lake. Dishes made from homegrown products represent the best of Kentucky foods, with yummy goodness like local cheeses, pork, fruit cobbler and more. Here are five you shouldn’t miss on your visit:

1. Local Cheeses

A cheese board featuring cheeses from Kentucky's Caves, Lakes & Corvettes region

A good way to begin a meal in the region is with an appetizer consisting of some of the best-tasting local cheeses you’ll find anywhere. Farm-made cheeses, including white Cheddar, American and Gouda, are shipped worldwide from local producers, but that doesn’t stop the locals (and visitors) from feasting on them. 

2. Apple Cider

Locally made apple cider is a great comfort drink, no matter the season. On a hot day, pour it over ice for a refreshing thirst quencher; on a cold day, heat it up and sip away for a warmth you’ll feel to your core. Thanks to the area’s abundant apple orchards, there’s no shortage of the stuff here.

3. Pork Shoulder & Pork Chops

Close-up of a pork shoulder on a plate with sides

Visitors to the Caves, Lakes & Corvettes region may get a whiff of barbecuing pork before even getting out of the car. In this part of Kentucky, the ’cue is often labeled as “Monroe County Style,” and you’ll find many unassuming (yet totally delicious) BBQ joints around the region. Sliced, fire-kissed pork, served with a hot vinegar-based sauce, is a culinary rite of passage for anyone who loves good food. There might even be a bottle of the zingy sauce available to purchase and take home with you! 

4. Farm-Fresh Vegetables

Sweet corn (fried or cream style), homegrown sliced tomatoes and tender green beans slow-cooked with a chunk of ham hock – there’s no other way to describe it than mmm-mmm good. Kentucky meals in this region and beyond are often paired with these delicious, farm-fresh vegetable sides.

5. Fruit Cobbler with Local Ice Cream  

A bowl of fruit cobbler topped with local vanilla ice creamHow about some cobbler for dessert? Peach or blackberry, topped with homemade ice cream or not, a baked fruit cobbler provides a soul-satisfying ending to a meal in the Caves, Lakes & Corvettes region. 



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